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Special Offer!

For only $249 you can get your business online with up to 5 pages, one email address and one year of Hosting and .com Domain Registration!

What do I get for $249?

You will get a Standard Website with up to 5 pages (normally $499) as well as the following bonus extras:

1 Year of Premium Hosting

Hosting is what powers the website, it's the servers that serve your site to the world.  Get it free for a year!
(Save $100)

1 Year of Premium Email

You will get 1 email address with your new website and unlimited forwarders to another address.  Get [email protected] and be able to receive AND send mail from that address.  
(Save $50)


1 Year of Domain Registration

We will buy you a free .com domain and pay the registration for 1 year.  Does not apply to
(Save $20)


You just saved $250 on the website plus $170 on the yearly expenses!

Works on all screens

All the websites we build have one core rule - they must work on all screens.  That means phones, tablets, laptops and big desktop screens.

Free edits

All websites we build come with free edits.  This means if you need to fix something on the website, for example the phone number or the wording of something, it's free.

Friendly support

All websites we build come with friendly support.  If you have any issues with the website, or need help with it's features, help is here.

Unbeatable value

You are getting an amazing deal here!  This is an unbeatable offer, so take advantage of this today before management change their minds!                      

Getting Started

Here's how to get started, it's easy!

  1. CONTACT US - First, contact us.  We will have a discussion about the website, your requirements and expectations.  We will then work out which path is the best to take for your website.  
  2. FIRST DRAFT - The draft is the first copy of the website that you will see, it is an opportunity to see how things are going and to make sure we're on the right track.
  3. FINAL DRAFT - At this stage the website is done, we could just expect some small changes at this point such as your logo, any provided images and text would be needed at this point.
  4. HANDOVER - Our favourite stage, this is where you "take the keys" of your website.  It's live and ready to face your customers. 


The elephant in the room - payment.

  1. DEPOSIT - During our discussion, if you're happy to proceed then we will ask you for the deposit.  This will be 50% of the total cost of the website. This covers expenses such as time, hosting and domain while setting up.  For this promotion, the initial deposit is $124.
  2. FINAL PAYMENT - Once we've reached the handover stage, the final payment is due. This is the remainder of the website costs, plus any extras that were agreed on.  For this promotion (and without any extras) the final payment will be $125
  3. ONGOING PAYMENTS - Ongoing payments refers to services such as domain renewal, hosting and email, or managed extras.  For this promotion, for a .com domain and Standard Hosting with 1 email account, after the first year, the ongoing cost yearly will be $170  Of course, this will vary depending on your website.
  4. THIS is a limited offer and cannot be discounted any further, for example if you have domain and hosting already, we can't discount that.  What we can do is provide you with an amazing website at a crazy low price.


This offer will not last forever.